Info for bands

Here’s some core info about Synthetic Orange

  • Project was started in 2017
  • Synthetic Orange is neither a label nor a location. Our goal is to host small events dealing with electronic music starting from smooth synthpop, moving on through future pop, EBM and industrial.
  • We do not own a venue – we have to find a venue for each version of the event
  • Bands who want to apply for a chair at the table can get in touch with Bernd via email as he is the managing person behind the project. There’s also an online form which can be used to provide basics. Do not send the form without prior contact to Bernd.
  • The kickoff party was celebrated at the SUBSTAGE CAFÉ in Karlsruhe on October 14th, 2017. The audience consisted of about 200. Five bands performed.
  • We connect ourselves with various bands, labels, promoters to increase our visibility and to get in touch with bands we want to push.
  • Our initial plan was to host one or two events per year. Therefore our capacity for stage performances is limited to 8-10 bands / year.
  • A regular performance is about 45mins.
  • We want to assemble the lineup by getting one known headliner in combination with several smaller bands from Europe. Additional acts from Karlsruhe are welcome, too.
  • If wee ask a band for the TechRider in the context of an event we will forward the document to the sound engineer in charge. If you send the Rider without an invitation we will ignore it.
  • Usually all the bands have to accept a shared backstage room. Depending on the venue  we might be able to offer a separated backstage room for the headliner.
  • For those bands who are ok with  couch surfing we can try to find space within Karlsruhe as some friends are ok with offering B’N’B