Noire Antidote (The Netherlands)

I first met NOIRE ANTIDOTE’s Benjamin Schoones in 2015 at the AMPHI in Cologne not knowing who he was (at that time). Two years later my fellow Martin (Retronaut) mentioned NOIRE ANTIDOTE could be an interesting act for SYNTHETIC ORANGE so I decided to establish the link between Benjamin and me.

Noire Antidote
Noire Antidote

Here’s Benjamin’s statement about his project:

NOIRE ANTIDOTE is an experimental & influenced by witch house project based in The Netherlands. Dark distorted bass-lines, noise, moving neoclassical melodies combined with agonistic chants echoing trough the music. Lurking in the darkest corners, wanting to expose everything what is wrong in this world. Creeping around, waiting for the right moment to strike by pushing through with powerful sounds. Noire Antidote will surely leave an impact on you.
Noire Antidote will take his first step of take-over with his debut album called
‘I Know Where the Wolf Sleeps.’ A perfect start to get introduced in the world of Noire Antidote. ‘I know Where the wolf Sleeps’ is a representation of getting tricked by the illusions found into our daily lives. There are many things in this world which are unknown to us, we’re getting tricked by the ones who seem good in our eyes. Hypnotized by the stories, forced to blindly follow.
To live a life which seems all perfect to us..

I Know Where The Wolf Sleeps is released trough Audiotrauma.