Train To Spain (Gothenburg/Sweden)

Helena / Train To Spain

At the Electronic Summer Festical 2015 I met Helena and friends as they visited the party.  Though they didn’t perform on their own I took the chance to get (and stay) in touch with them.

Jonas about the band project:

I’ve always been into singing and writing songs. I started of with toy instruments when I was 6 and then later on I learned how to play the guitar. In my teens I got very into Depeche Mode and electronic music and I started going to clubs and conserts, but it first when a friend of mine saw an ad on facebook I got in contact with Jonas and I joined his music project Train to Spain. After that things moved on quickly, this was back in 2013. I found Jonas’ music easy to write melodies and lyrics to and we started to get gigs almost straight away. For me it’s important that our songs have a hook, something that can be remembered. Back in the 80ties in Sweden the country was seperated in two different camps. Synth or HeavyMetal……I chosed synth and started out making music with a friend. We used cheap keyboards with only presets. And we had a drum machine from my old C=64 In those days you couldn’t record at home like you can do now. Only on casettes. So for two poor 14year old kids it was difficult. So I turned into a DJ instead. And it took until 2004 when I bought my first real synth. I started out making song loads of songs and since I can’t sing I was looking for someone to sing and write lyrics. After trying out and releasing some songs Helena made her entreance. And things started to work out really good! When I make my music I want it to be direct!!! Good leads that will make want to listen to the rest of the song!! With Helenas smooth voice and thoughtful lyrics it’s a great combo!!

Heard their first song some days after the festival and was immediately impressed by it. Here we are: