paperwork done…

I’ve sent the contracts to the bands this morning. Now it’s time to wait for each and every signature to confirm them. With every returned signature I can set the band on the official lineup list. Those who know me that patience is none of my business. HATE IT!

But I also hat fun writing this subpage!

orange work in progress: (some) band subpages updated…

Today I received further info from Vile Electrodes (thanks Jane!) and Presence Of Mind so I was able to update the Network Orange page. There is more happening between heaven and earth than I could speak about at the moment but it is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

The bands contribute and I hope to be ready for next big story at the weekend. Other friends of the network also participated and I’m extremely happy about the latest progress though I’m currently on a business trip to Paris. The network never sleeps!

Bernd in Paris


Orange talk (webradio)

We use web based software to record interviews with various parties involved in the project. Whether it is about bands, photographers, friends:

  • The sessions will be announced at least two weeks in advance so the players can invite their friends to listen.
  • We need PC (windows seems to work much easier than Mac), microphone and webcams.
  • A test session is recommended to test the techncial setup (like a soundcheck)
  • Those who want to listen have to register on a webpage


Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen…

Sehr schön, eher beiläufig beim Grillen formiert sich eine Truppe rund ums Thema. Viele Ideen, die es zu strukturieren gilt. Und viele Energie, die in die richtigen Bahnen gelenkt gehört. Obs am Ende reicht für was zu essen sehen wir später. Jedenfalls sehe ich viele Orangen…! Ihr seid klasse!